Śląski Urząd Wojewódzki w Katowicach


  • I

    Who does it apply to?

    The permit is granted to a foreigner, whose purpose of stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland shall be performance of work as a manager, specialist or a trainee employee in the host entity, seated within the territory of Poland, to which the foreigner has been temporary delegated by the parent undertaking, and three conditions are fulfilled:

    - foreigner:

    1. has professional qualifications and experience adequate to the object of activities of the host entity, necessary in the entity to which he/she is supposed to be transferred by the main employer – in the case of performing managerial services or specialists or a diploma of graduation from studies – in the case of work as employee on internship;
    2. has formal qualifications and meet other conditions which are required, in the case of the intention to perform work in profession regulated as defined by Article 5 (4) of the Act of 22 December 2015 on the rules governing recognition of professional qualifications acquired in EU Member States,
    3. directly prior to the transfer within the enterprise, is employed under the same enterprise or group of enterprises continuously for the period amounting to at least:

      - 12 months – in the case of work as management employee or specialist,
      - 6 months – in the case of work as employee on internships,

    1. following the end of the period of transfer within the enterprise, the entrepreneur will be able to transfer back to the mother employer or other enterprise belonging to the same group of enterprises, having their registered office outside the territory of the European Union.

    The permit application may be submitted only by the host entity seated within the territory of Poland, where the foreigner is to perform work.

    The host entity seated within the territory of Poland shall be the sole party of the proceedings for granting the permit.

  • II

    Additional documents

    The host unit must submit:

    1. documents confirming possessing a health insurance or coverage by the insurer of the cost of medical or ambulatory treatment in Poland (e.g. ZUS – Polish Social Insurance Institution - certificate, other insurance policy)
    2. documents confirming that the foreigner has got a dwelling place (e.g. permanent residence certificate, residence lease agreement, residence lending contract, any other agreement giving him/her the rights to housing premises or someone else’s declaration to provide him/her a permanent dwelling place in Poland).
    3. a concluded, written contract under which the foreigner has to perform work or the document issued by the mother employer, being the basis for transfer within the enterprise, determining:


    1. the period of transfer of the foreigner within the enterprise
    2. registered office of the host unit
    3. position on which the foreigner will perform the work
    4. remuneration and other working conditions of the foreigner in the host unit.

    The foreigner staying on the territory of the Republic of Poland in order to perform work as the employee on internships beyond the completion of the above mentioned  conditions, should have:

    1. the contract concerning internships in the host unit determining:
    2. a) internships program;
    3. b) duration of the internships;
    4. c) conditions of supervision over the foreigner during his/her internships.

    Application form