Śląski Urząd Wojewódzki w Katowicach


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    Who does it apply to?

    An application for granting temporary residence permit for the purpose of conducting research can be granted to a foreigner who is a scientist, where the purpose of his stay on Polish territory is to conduct research or development work under contract for carrying out a research project concluded with a research unit , approved for this purpose by the minister responsible for science on the basis of the decision.

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    The foreigner is obliged to submit:

    • a declaration of reception from a Polish partner institution (i.e. Polish partner agrees to receive you) - in case of implementation of a research project, concluded with scientific unit established in Poland or in the European Union, with provisions on scientific research or development studies conducted in Poland,

    • a written statement of a scientific unit, that it agrees to cover all the costs of your stay in Poland and the costs of the administrative decision implementation in case you will be required to return to your country - covered from public funds within 6 months of the day of the expiration of the contract, when your stay in Poland will be deemed as  illegal and an appropriate administrative decision will be issued,

    • documents confirming possessing a health insurance or coverage by the insurer of the cost of medical or ambulatory treatment in Poland (e.g. ZUS – Polish Social Insurance Institution - certificate, other insurance policy);

    • documents confirming that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your costs of living and the return journey to your country of origin or to your living country or the cost of the third country transit, which will grant you an entry permission.