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Silesian Voivode



 room: 202
phone: +48 32 255-40-37 

wojewoda [at] katowice.uw.gov.pl


 Jarosław Wieczorek was born in 1981, he comes from Gliwice. He has a degreein political science gained at the University of Silesia. Before he took his office as
the Silesian Voivode. He had been an entrepreneur, co-owner and CEO of a corporation as well as a local government official – a councillor in Gliwice and a Management Board Member of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia as well as Deputy Chairman of the
Council of the Institute of Market Economy. Since 2001 he has been associated with the Law and Justice party. At present he is also the head of that party’s structures in Gliwice. He also ran for mayor of Gliwice. It was his third term of office in the city council. In the previous one he was chairman of the budget and finance commission, while in the present term also a member of the statute commission. Jarosław Wieczorek is married and has a son.





I Silesian Deputy Voivode



room: 207
phone: +48 32 255 44 21

wicewojewoda [at] katowice.uw.gov.pl



Jan Chrząszcz was born in 1964 in Bielsko-Biała. He has a degree in social sciences gained at the Faculty of Humanities of the  Pedagogical University of Cracow and
a postgraduate  degree in modern enterprise management and journalism. He holds diplomas and certificates in the field of media communication, professional business negotiations and interpersonal communication.
Before he took his office as I Deputy Silesian Voivode he directed various institutions and companies, including the Polish Post.
During the local government reform, he served as the Government
Plenipotentiary for the organization of county offices.
He sat on the City Council of Bielsko-Biała for four terms. He was a
member of the town authorities, chairman of the education and culture commission
and for two terms he chaired the Budget and Finance commission. He was also
a councillor of the fifth term of the Regional Assembly of Silesia. Member
and founder of the Society of Friends of Bielsko-Biała and Podbeskidzie. He  is married, has two daughters and a son. His hobby is traveling, social activities and charity.


II Silesian Deputy Voivode



room: 209
phone: +48 32 256 21 02

wicewoj2 [at] katowice.uw.gov.pl



Mariusz Trepka was born in 1967 in Myszków. He graduated from the Faculty of Management of the Technical University of Częstochowa and has a post-graduate degree gained at the Higher School of Banking in Poznań.
Before he took his office as II Deputy Silesian Voivode was deputy director for finance and economy in the Poviat Health Service Team in Będzin.

He has been associated with the Law and Justice party since 2005. He was a councillor of the 2nd, 3rd, 4thand 5th term of the Myszków Poviat Council. He was a member of an audit committee, committee for development and agriculture and for budget and finance. He was also a member and Deputy Starost in Myszkowski Poviat authorities.

In the last parliament elections he ran for the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from Częstochowa district, obtaining 6,025 votes.

Mariusz Trepka is married with two adult sons.

He enjoys do-it-yourself activities. He is a fan of football and volleyball.




General director of the Silesian Voivodeship Office



  room: 218
phone: +48 32 255-20-51 

dyrgen [at] katowice.uw.gov.pl


He was born and he lives in Knurów. He graduated from the Faculty of History and Law at the Catholic University of Lublin. He received legal education and after passing the exam he became a legal counsel. As a lawyer he specialises in business law, particularly in commercial companies, and also in administrative law on local governments, which is connected with his recent work. For the last 11 years he has been professionally involved in the local government. He worked as the Head of the Department for Civil Affairs and the Crisis Management Office at the City of Knurów. He was also a councillor of the Poviat of Gliwice. He is not affiliated to any political party. He stood for the last municipal election from the Law and Justice ticket.

Adam Ostalecki is married. His hobby is a good book, history, including the history of the Church, football, which he played in his childhood and youth in the Concordia Knurów Club.


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